Rap 10 (3,3815 fl. oz.)

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- Acts fast, easy-to-use and economic.

- Removes cuticles virtually without any help of the trimmer.

-  Eases up the removal of callosities and keratosis.

- The best alternative for diabetic persons.

- Ultra-emollient action.

- Strong-scent free.

- Does not yellow or dry out the nails.


Mode of use (Manicurist)

Administer thin layer only on the cuticles; Wait three minutes so that, with the help of a pusher, you can remove the cuticles; After usage, clean the excess of the product with a cotton ball dampened in water.


Mode of use (Podiatrist)

Administer on the callosity or keratosis; Wait for a few minutes to perform the thinning. On evolved keratosis: cover it for 15 minutes.


Presentation: 100 ml (3,3815 fl. oz.) bottle with an applicator nozzle.


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